Advantages of the PureWater Cleaning System

Unger’s HiFlo PureWater Window Cleaning System is a product line that has the everyday window cleaner in mind. We thought about what a window cleaner goes through on a typical cleaning job and we decided to change some things. Some of your top gripes about cleaning windows are tackled with the HiFlo PureWater Window Cleaning System.

Do you hate when you have to get up on a ladder and clean the top of windows? Would you like to work from the ground? With Unger’s PureWater System that is an option! You can work up to 50′ from the ground with this product. This allows for safer working conditions.

Do you care about the environment and hate using chemicals to get the job done? How would you like to keep the environment safe while still doing your job? By using Pure Water you eliminate the need for harmful chemicals. The De-Ionization system produces  Pure Water without any soot or minerals that would result in residue on cleaned surfaces. You will have spot and streak free results without using chemicals when cleaning with Pure Water.

Are lifts becoming to expensive to rent? Would you like to see that money go back into your business? Then invest in the PureWater Cleaning System! The PureWater Cleaning System does not incur many additional costs and you can use it for years. Pay one price for this product and put all the extra money you are saving from not renting lifts back into your business! The cost of ownership is realized after one or two cleaning jobs.

Unger’s HiFlo PureWater Window Cleaning System truly is a revolutionary product that will be a perfect investment piece for your window cleaning business. Go green. Keep your workers safe. Increase your ROI. Choose Unger.

Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning

PureWater Cleaning System

Waterfed Poles are a revolutionary product that every person in the window cleaning industry today should have. The Unger HiFlo PureWater Cleaning Systems allow you to stay safe, be environmentally friendly and they are efficient. What more could you want in a product?

By using Unger’s Waterfed Poles you are able to stay on the ground for most applications. This will allow for safer working conditions for all cleaners. Do you want to make sure that they environment stays safe as well? Well, using the PureWater Cleaning System eliminates the use of harsh chemicals. This means a safer workplace and a safer planet because we are eliminating the use of chemicals that destroy our environment.

Now what about saving money, is that something that you are interested in? I am sure that everyone said yes and the Waterfed Pole System will allow you to do that! Think about how many times you needed to rent a lift to complete your jobs and the recurring cost. By purchasing a HiFlo PureWater Cleaning System, you are creating a return on investment for your company because there are no major additional costs and it can be used for years to come. The cost of ownership will be realized after one or two jobs with Unger’s PureWater Cleaning System.

Now, check out a window cleaner who created a video series based on our Waterfed Poles. He will talk about the products in detail and how to use them.




Unger Helps Sponser Walk for Wishes in Connecticut

Unger Enterprises is always joyed when we can help out local organizations. That is why Unger is one of the sponsors for Connecticut’s Make a Wish foundation’s Walk for Wishes event. The walk will be taking place at the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport, CT on May 19, 2012. This will be an event that is fun for the whole family and you are helping to make kids wishes come true! What could be a better feeling?

If you visit the chapter website at you will be able to find more information on the organization and on the Walk for Wishes itself. Once at the Walk for Wishes page you will be able to contribute to the event in a variety of ways. One way is by “spreading the word.” At the site you will be able to email your friends and family to get them involved with the walk. After that, you can choose to make a donation yourself right on the website! This is good for people who do not live in the area, but want to support this great cause. For information on what the fees will be for the walkers, please visit the website by clicking here.

Join the cause, help make these children’s wishes a reality.