Unger has the First Telescopic Dustpan to hit the Market!

Don’t you just hate it when you are sweeping and constantly have to bend over to pick up the dustpan? Your back begins to hurt. You become tired. Maybe you get sick of it and do not even want to finish the job. Well the days of feeling that way are over! Wonder why? Unger has come out with the first telescopic dustpan on the market, The ErgoDustPan Telescopic! This is the answer to every cleaner’s prayers.

UUUUUUUUUUUUErgoDustPan TelescopicErgoDustPan Telescopic

Unger’s ErgoDustPan Telescopic is an adjustable dustpan that becomes unique to every person who uses it. You will be able to adjust the broom and dustpan from 36″ to 46″ for easy, strain-free use. The handle on the dustpan even has an ergonomic design that minimizes hand and wrist sprain that normally would come from using products similar to ours.

The dustpan will automatically open when it hits the floor and collapse without spilling the contents. When the dustpan is taken off the floor it will retract upward to eliminate falling debris, which allows for an easy move from one place to the next. As for storage capability, the broom attaches to the dustpan handle for a compact design. This allows you to make the most out of the space that you have.

Owners of cleaning and janitorial services, show that you have your workers best interest in mind by using Unger’s ErgoDustPan Telescopic. With the ability to adjust the height of the broom and dustpan, the ErgoDustPan Telescopic is helping to ensure the health and safety of your employees. This will in turn lead to less worker compensation claims. With this product you are showing your workers that their safety is one of your top priorities.

Remember, the ErgoDustPan is revolutionary in the cleaning world; It is the first telescopic dustpan on the market! By being one step ahead of our competitors we are ensuring that you, the customer, are getting the best product on the market. We want to make your life a little easier, and we believe that the ErgoDustPan Telescopic will help relieve a little bit of your cleaning stress! Click to find out more Unger’s EgroDustPan Telescopic

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Monitoring Online Customer Feedback

We decided to switch things up on the blog today and do something that we have not done before. Normally our readers would come to our blog for updates on our newest products and all things Unger, but today we want to give you some advice to help with your business!

When it comes to your business it is so important to monitor all of our company’s activities online. That means making sure that your website is up to date, all your product information is correct and most importantly that you are listening to your customer’s inquiries. The new world of social media allows for a great opportunity for companies to encourage customers to post reviews of their products and services. However, just because you are encouraging reviews does not always mean that the response will be positive. You need to monitor your social media sites daily for both positive and negative comments and respond accordingly.

The Huffington Post has an article titled, Managing Online Customer Feedback: 5 Things You Need To Know, in which they give you tips on how to deal with negative feedback/comments on social media sites. We found this information useful and we wanted to pass it on to our readers and customers. Here is what we took from the article.

First, you need to know that negative reviews can help to build customer loyalty. You have to look at them as the natural process of owning a business; Not everyone will be satisfied. If you simply filter out the bad reviews by deleting them or only post only the positive reviews your prospective customers may become suspicious. That means you must embrace the negative reviews! Look at them as an opportunity to show your customers how much you care by sending a new product at no charge or by offering a refund.

Next, you need to assess the problem and figure out how to properly respond. Do not assume that all negative responses are the same. The Huffington Post describes four different types: a clear problem, constructive criticism, justified attack and spam. They are pretty self-explanatory and the first three can help you to make your product better in the long run. Use these reviews as a chance to improve your products or services by relaying the information to your employees that are directly involved with the issue at hand.

After you assess the problem there are five things that you need to do when you respond:

  1. Listen to your customer instead of just reacting. Sift through their comment and find the problem amidst all the anger.
  2. Be honest. Apologize for any mistakes made and be completely sincere.
  3. Treat your customers the way you want to be treated. Do not rise to the same level as your angry reviewer. You will likely make the situation worse and lose a customer because of it.
  4. Get on their level, be human. Do not try to impress them with corporate talk – Act like you are solving an argument with a close friend.
  5. Make promises to improve. Show your customers that you care about improving your business.

Finally, remember that you are ultimately a reflection of your business. That is why you need to take the time to assess the problem and find a solution. The way you respond to any customer comment could help or hurt your business in the long run.

Positive comments exist in the social media world as well, even more so than negative ones. That is why it is important to acknowledge those as well. Make sure that you respond with a thank you. Maybe even send them one of your products to show that you appreciate their continued support. These are the people who are keeping you in business!

Hope you found this useful and good luck in all your social media endeavors!

Read the full article here.

Advantages of the PureWater Cleaning System

Unger’s HiFlo PureWater Window Cleaning System is a product line that has the everyday window cleaner in mind. We thought about what a window cleaner goes through on a typical cleaning job and we decided to change some things. Some of your top gripes about cleaning windows are tackled with the HiFlo PureWater Window Cleaning System.

Do you hate when you have to get up on a ladder and clean the top of windows? Would you like to work from the ground? With Unger’s PureWater System that is an option! You can work up to 50′ from the ground with this product. This allows for safer working conditions.

Do you care about the environment and hate using chemicals to get the job done? How would you like to keep the environment safe while still doing your job? By using Pure Water you eliminate the need for harmful chemicals. The De-Ionization system produces  Pure Water without any soot or minerals that would result in residue on cleaned surfaces. You will have spot and streak free results without using chemicals when cleaning with Pure Water.

Are lifts becoming to expensive to rent? Would you like to see that money go back into your business? Then invest in the PureWater Cleaning System! The PureWater Cleaning System does not incur many additional costs and you can use it for years. Pay one price for this product and put all the extra money you are saving from not renting lifts back into your business! The cost of ownership is realized after one or two cleaning jobs.

Unger’s HiFlo PureWater Window Cleaning System truly is a revolutionary product that will be a perfect investment piece for your window cleaning business. Go green. Keep your workers safe. Increase your ROI. Choose Unger.

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ISSA/Interclean Show in Amsterdam

Yesterday began ISSA/Interclean’s annual trade event in Amsterdam for cleaning professionals. The show that has been going on every year since 1967 is four days of networking, seminars, new product releases and more. The Unger team was excited to get to Amsterdam to unveil our newest product, the HiFlo nLite system. Unger’s new HiFlo nLite system is the most advanced water-fed pole system to be on the market in years. We are excited for this new age of “nLite’ment” to hit the US markets in July.

Unger revealed the new HiFlo nLite system yesterday morning with many people eager to see what the super light poles and brushes had to offer. Below you will find pictures from the show and the unveiling courtesy of the Unger Team and Karl Robinson of Robison-Solutions Professional Window Cleaning. Visit Robinson’s blog to find an in-depth posting on the HiFlo nLite system and more pictures from the show – The Unger HiFlo nLite Water Fed Pole Unveiled.


Left: nLite display at the ISSA/Interclean show. Right: New nLite Solar Cleaning brushes in action!


Left: The nLite poles and brushes in action. Right: Unger booth is the place to be if you want to celebrate at the ISSA/Interclean Show!


Left: Unger team members using the HiFlo system Right: Letting the visitors of the show use the new nLite products

New Unger HiFlo™ nLite – Evolutionary Water Fed Pole Technology for Professionals

Remember almost exactly a month to the day when we gave you a little teaser on Unger’s “new age of nLite’ment?” Well, the time has come to let you know all about it! The new Unger HiFlo™ nLite combines our telescopic technology and moHiFlo nLitedular poles for a brand new system that will not disappoint.

Below we have added the newest press release on the Unger HiFlo nLite. Please read it and let us know your thoughts about the newest product set to be unveiled next week in Amsterdam. What are you most excited about with the product? Will you be picking one up when it launches in July? Let us know, leave a comment!



May 2012

Welcome to Unger’s new age of nLite’ment

New Unger HiFlo™ nLite – Evolutionary Water Fed Pole Technology for Professionals

Unger is ushering in a new age of enlightenment with the launch of HiFlo™ nLite – the most advanced water-fed pole system to hit the market in years.

This latest innovation from Unger, the company that provides smart cleaning solutions to more than 80 countries worldwide, will change the way that windows and façades are cleaned forever by combining the best features of its telescopic and modular poles into a brand new system that delivers unrivalled results and adaptability.

The key features of the new Unger HiFloTM nLite system are:

Innovative engineering

  • Perfect balance – better rigidity for more control, and yet up to 50% lighter in weight thanks to its carbon fiber technology
  • Hi-Tech design – every part of the system, from clamps and levers to brushes has been created to deliver the highest standards with cutting edge looks

 Ease of use

  • Comfort and safety – the weight/rigidity balance makes HiFloTM nLite easier and more comfortable to use, even for longer periods of time
  • Easy assembly – extensions can be added quickly and easily, and equipment adjusted to tackle any cleaning situation


  • Mix and match – only use as many poles or attachments as you need
  • Multi-talented system – the HiFloTM nLite can be used to clean glass and building facades, stainless steel, solar panels, signage, and vehicles
  • Unique hose management system – allows the user to have the hose inside or outside the pole

The highest professional cleaning standards are even easier to achieve with the HiFloTM nLite system thanks to its perfect balance between weight and rigidity. Not only are the poles lighter than conventional versions, the use of cutting edge design and technology means that even when extensions are added rigidity is not compromised, and yet the weight and ergonomics of the system still make it a pleasure to use.

The four section master pole cleans up to a height of 6.63m/22ft, but taller locations are easily reached by adding two-stage extensions as needed to the base of the master pole. These extensions, each adding another potential 11ft of reach but crucially not adding anything to the width and feel of the pole, measure 35mm in diameter – an optimum size that fits easily into the hands of the professional for quick and comfortable cleaning. Even if you’re cleaning to a height of around 65ft the HiFloTM nLite offers the ‘gold standard’ in terms of ease of use and results – because it combines just the right amount of rigidity to control your cleaning, but in a lightweight system that’s better for the professional to use.

Every part of the new system has been designed specifically with the user in mind. The clamps, which adjust pole height or attach the extensions, are simple to operate by hand – no tools needed – and easily adjustable to ensure the right tension; plus the gooseneck attachment is made from carbon fiber, keeping weight to a minimum. Even the brushes are lighter – but that doesn’t mean less features or functionality.One of which, at 60cm/24in, is large enough to quickly clean solar panels, featuring bristles designed to get into the smallest corner and help with scrubbing actions. Whereas conventional brushes usually only have two jets, HiFloTM nLite brushes can feature up to ten quick release jets, making it much easier to control the water flow and rinse surfaces.

Bruno Niklaus, Unger’s Global Vice President of Marketing, said: “We believe that the HiFlo™ nLite is a truly revolutionary new product, the next generation of water-fed cleaning pole systems. We are confident that HiFlo™ nLite will be received enthusiastically by window cleaners and contract cleaners across the globe, thanks to its innovative features, ease of use and cost benefits. The launch of HiFlo™ nLite is a high point in Unger’s history, a real leap forward in the evolution of professional cleaning equipment.”

If you want to be ‘enlightened’ the Unger nLite will be unveiled to the global cleaning industry on stand 1.205 at ISSA/Interclean, Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands 8-11 May. It will be available in the U.S. in July 2012.


Good Samaritan appreciates suffering of cancer patients

The following information was found on Comox Valley Record where one window cleaner is reaching out to help others. Shawn Wood, owner of College Pro Window Cleaning in British Columbia, is working hard to help cancer patients in British Columbia. Wood’s wife was diagnosed with aggressive lymphoma cancer back in January and seeing what the disease can do to debilitate a person first hand, he wanted to do something to help. Wood is donating 10 percent of his companies profits to the BC Cancer Agency and also plans to spend two to three Saturdays a month providing free window cleaning services to cancer patients in his area.

After reading about this story Unger wanted to do something to help. We will be sending Wood and his company, College Pro Window Cleaning, some Unger tools to help him with his cause. Hearing about someone who is giving up their free time to help others in the same position as their own familiy is inspiring. The hope is that others may take note and use their own skills to help others in need.

To read the full article click the following link

Comox Valley Record – Good Samaritan appreciates suffering of cancer patients.

Unger Helps Folksville USA, Fort Bliss 1AD Keep El Paso,TX Clean

Unger has worked to keep this world cleaner for over 50 years and we are helping other people in their cleaning efforts as well. Folksville USA is one organization that is using Unger products to make this world a cleaner place to live in. Folksville USA was founded by two Vietnam Veterans whose goal was to coordinate anit-litter volunteer efforts in Arizona. Their mission now is to restore beauty to highways and communities all across the United States.

A recent story came out where Fort Bliss 1AD decided to join the Folksville USA efforts to help clean up a 1 mile section of Texas Highway 95 in El Paso. They were using the Unger Nifty Nabber to pick up the trash along the highway that resulted in 98 bags!  Above you can see the men and women of the armed forces, with their NiftyNabbers, that chose to help in this effort with Folksville USA.

In an article posted on the Sedona Times website, El Paso Joins Folksville USA, Folksville USA founder Gary Chamberlain spoke about what his hopes are with his organization. Having all the Armed Forces nationwide work to clean up our highways would be his main goal. Chamberlain believes that if the Armed Forces and veterans participate in the Adopt-A-Highway programs in their current states, that they would become a strong front against those who litter.

Unger is happy that our Nifty Nabbers are being used to help keep our highways clean. We are hoping for the same outcome that Chamerlain is looking for, that other Armed Forces and people in communities take note and participate in this effort, using Unger Nifty Nabbers of course! Folksville USA and Fort Bliss 1AD great job!

PureWater Cleaning System

Waterfed Poles are a revolutionary product that every person in the window cleaning industry today should have. The Unger HiFlo PureWater Cleaning Systems allow you to stay safe, be environmentally friendly and they are efficient. What more could you want in a product?

By using Unger’s Waterfed Poles you are able to stay on the ground for most applications. This will allow for safer working conditions for all cleaners. Do you want to make sure that they environment stays safe as well? Well, using the PureWater Cleaning System eliminates the use of harsh chemicals. This means a safer workplace and a safer planet because we are eliminating the use of chemicals that destroy our environment.

Now what about saving money, is that something that you are interested in? I am sure that everyone said yes and the Waterfed Pole System will allow you to do that! Think about how many times you needed to rent a lift to complete your jobs and the recurring cost. By purchasing a HiFlo PureWater Cleaning System, you are creating a return on investment for your company because there are no major additional costs and it can be used for years to come. The cost of ownership will be realized after one or two jobs with Unger’s PureWater Cleaning System.

Now, check out a window cleaner who created a video series based on our Waterfed Poles. He will talk about the products in detail and how to use them.




HiFlo Multilink Gooseneck System

Check out a window cleaning supplier using one of our Unger products. He is working with our HiFlo Multilink Gooseneck System. With the multilink system you are able to achieve cleaning at various angles and can reach nearly every working distance. It also connects all three pole systems with our brushes. With the HiFlo Multilink system you can adjust your poles to your individual work requirements to make sure that you are getting the job done efficiently by twisting and fixing your brush to any position.

Visit Mile High Window Cleaning blog at http://milewcsupply.blogspot.com/

Window Cleaners, Your April Promos are Here!

To our friends in the window cleaning industry, Unger has new promos out for April! We are working with our distributors to give you some great deals.


Are you in need of a ErgoTec Ninja handle and 14″ or 18″ channel? I hope so,because you will receive a free 12 pack of ErgoTec rubber when you purchase the two!




Maybe you don’t need any Ninjas right now, but you are in need of a bucket. Well, you’re in luck! We are also running a promo with our QB220 ProBucket, 40% off!



Don’t wait to take advantage of these great offers at your participating distributors. These promos will last until 6/30, so if you only need the Ninja handle and channel right now come back in May or June for a new bucket! Here is the full promo ad for you to view April Window Promo

Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page to become our new cover photo. Submit pictures using Unger tools and we will put you front and center on the Unger Enterprises Facebook page! Perfect thing to do right after you pick up your new products in this promo. ; )

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