Advantages of the PureWater Cleaning System

Unger’s HiFlo PureWater Window Cleaning System is a product line that has the everyday window cleaner in mind. We thought about what a window cleaner goes through on a typical cleaning job and we decided to change some things. Some of your top gripes about cleaning windows are tackled with the HiFlo PureWater Window Cleaning System.

Do you hate when you have to get up on a ladder and clean the top of windows? Would you like to work from the ground? With Unger’s PureWater System that is an option! You can work up to 50′ from the ground with this product. This allows for safer working conditions.

Do you care about the environment and hate using chemicals to get the job done? How would you like to keep the environment safe while still doing your job? By using Pure Water you eliminate the need for harmful chemicals. The De-Ionization system produces  Pure Water without any soot or minerals that would result in residue on cleaned surfaces. You will have spot and streak free results without using chemicals when cleaning with Pure Water.

Are lifts becoming to expensive to rent? Would you like to see that money go back into your business? Then invest in the PureWater Cleaning System! The PureWater Cleaning System does not incur many additional costs and you can use it for years. Pay one price for this product and put all the extra money you are saving from not renting lifts back into your business! The cost of ownership is realized after one or two cleaning jobs.

Unger’s HiFlo PureWater Window Cleaning System truly is a revolutionary product that will be a perfect investment piece for your window cleaning business. Go green. Keep your workers safe. Increase your ROI. Choose Unger.

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