The NEW Unger SpeedClean Window Kit!

Time to learn about the new Unger SpeedClean Window Kit!

This drip-free indoor window cleaning allows for quick and easy cleaning of hard to reach places. Gets windows clean in one easy step – no squeegee necessary! If you need to get up to those high windows, this product can also be used with our Unger aluminum poles. It allows for two cleaning options – a short fiber pad for polishing and longer fibers for heavier dirt.

Best thing about this new SpeedClean kit is that you won’t be spilling any water while you are cleaning! No drips on window sills, carpets, furniture or anything else that gets in the way while trying to clean.

Want to find out how to use the SpeedClean Window kit?  Watch the video here:

Click the link to read more: SpeedClean Window Kit .

Let us know what you think about it. Give us your feedback! We would love to hear from you.

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